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Phone: 801-326-0552 | Email: [email protected]
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Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is an effective and popular way to market to an audience. Our specialists use the latest and best practices to develop and improve any email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most reliable and effective marketing forms. When done correctly, it can produce excellent results. We can help develop or improve your email marketing strategy. Whatever platform you choose, we will use data, testing, and targeted execution to develop the best email marketing plan for your brand.

Email capturing

Collecting your market’s contact information is the first step in a successful email marketing campaign. Our team of professionals will create and implement capture forms to gather the appropriate contact information for your email marketing campaign and content distribution schemes.

Email validation and segmentation

Email lists grow fast and sometimes they can get bogged down with duplicate, incorrect, or outdated contact information. Eventually, this leads to chaos and drains your accounts. We provide swift, reliable email list clean-up services.

We are also happy to implement a segmentation plan for your email list. By segmenting your email list, you can make sure that each subscriber gets the right email every time. No more wrong emails to the wrong people.

Campaign and content creation

After you have a sizable list of email subscribers, it is important to have relevant content to share with them. Having the right content will help keep your new users subscribed to your list. We will produce engaging, informative, and aesthetically-pleasing content that promotes your brand and is specifically designed to help retain your audience.

Campaign testing

A piece of content must deliver results. If it doesn’t, it’s not serving your brand. We use A/B testing on every email campaign we design to ensure your audience is being reached in the intended way, that your customers are engaging with the content and are following through with the actions as instructed.